Current projects

We initiate, manage, operate and support conservation, education and community projects

Members and supporters of BICI are volunteers who bring a broad range of experience and expertise to advancing the objectives of the group

Botanic Garden

In June 2018, BICI applied to Redland City Council under the Community Gardens process to consider a proposal for Botanic Gardens on Russell Island. 

On 5 August 2020, Redland City Council approved the development of the Botanic Garden. The site for the community gardens is bounded by John, King and Union Streets and the Redland City Council sports field.  

As at 30 September 2021, tenure remains under negotiation between the State and Redland City Council. Should the terms of occupation and development of the site be agreed, a development plan will be prepared, the land surveyed and funding sought to support the development of the gardens and associated infrastructure ahead of the sourcing of coastal and endangered plant species from Queensland Islands which are to be featured in the gardens.  

Specialist advisors and hands on support for the project will be required including landscape designers, horticulturalists and gardeners to advise and guide the selective clearing of selected parts of the site, ahead of choosing plants, where to locate the plants and their care.  

Walking and bike trails

The group’s first project was planning how to establish a series of trails on Russell Island.

It began with surveying Whistling Kite and Turtle Swamp wetlands on Russell Island using Geographic Information System mapping. Thousands of photos and mapping coordinates were collected and some of these together with related information can be viewed at WetlandInfo.

In association with Redland City Council, in 2010 BICI established the first walking trail to the east of Centre Road on Russell Island, providing access to a series of natural waterholes and native wildflower areas on the eastern extent of Turtle Swamp Wetland. In 2013, a second trail was commenced around Whistling Kite Wetland at the southern end of High Street including vegetation regeneration. 

By the following year, the group’s vision was refined to incorporate existing road reserves and fire tracks into a network of trails promoting greater awareness of the region’s valuable natural and cultural values. Mapping of these trails has been undertaken and we are working with stakeholders to explore ways to promoting the trails to the community and visitors.    

Native plant nursery

Seed collection and native plant propagation activities are conducted by Running Wild Youth Conservation Culture Inc. as part of the conservation training facilitated by the group.

Each year 20 – 30 native varieties are propagated including bush tucker, bush medicine, fire retardant, bird and wildlife habitat species and coastal plants.

Seedlings are used to promote conservation and for fund raising to support the care and maintenance of the nursery. 

Past projects

  • Mapping bike and walking trails on Russell Island
  • Cane Toad Eradication Project 
  • Ground water testing (in association with Dr Chris Lock)
  • Island Clean-up Day (sponsored by SeaWorld and supported by Russell Island Primary School) 
  • Microbat colony study
  • Russell Island Wetland Management Plan (January 2010) in association with Consultant Zoologist, Ronda J Green, BSc(Hons) PhD
  • Investigation into water mouse population
  • Weeding of Whistling Kite Wetland (Work for Dole Program Program)
  • Establishment of the native plant nursery
  • Research into shifting sand at Sandy Beach (over 15 years)
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